Consultant in Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology


Assessment & Therapy Procedures

Initial assessments

Assessments are conducted in  relaxed and friendly settings with comfotrable waiting rooms and facilities such as play areas ( eicester clinic)  and complementary refreshments. 

The initial assessment sessions are approximately 1 hour long and usually, a further shorther session is needed to complete the assessment. Dr Thorley discusses with families who would like to be present but it is usually helpful for parents and young people to discuss issues together following which, time can be given for individual sessions.

Assessments are only undertaken by Dr Thorley and not junior staff. After the assessment, a formulation/ diagnosis is provded and  a discussion can take place about the therapy or further assessment options as well as the expected number of sessions required.

If you are self-referring, and have not been advised to attend by a health professional please contact, by phone or e-mail, Dr Thorley's secretary to discuss whether Dr Thorley is likley to be able to help.

Special Note for ADHD and ASD Assessments

Dr Thorley recomends that for ADHD and ASD assessments, the services of colleagues in the NHS Paediatric Services or the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) should be sought first. The assessments done privately, cost in the region of 1200 pounds but more importantly, when these conditions are identified, long-term follow-up care is frequently needed which the NHS services are better resourced to provide. Thersfore, assessments for ASD and ADHD will no longer be accepted as from 1st October 2017.

Special Note for matters related to Separation and Divorce

Where mental health and behavioural problems are arising  primarily from contact issues, refrerrals are not accepted. This does not exclude  young people where parents have separated but have mental health problems not causally related to contact issues. If you have any query about such referrals please contact Dr Thorley's secretary to discuss.


Charges are calculated on a per hourly or pro rata  basis and are the same at each of the clinics. These rates are available by telephoning the clinics.  Usually, Dr Thorley will provide a fee estimate after the initial assessment session. For a typical course of therapy for the most common mental health disorders, the total costs are in the range £1325 to £1643.

Therapeutic strategies

Dr Thorley uses evidence based therapies and where available follows NICE guidlines. An important feature is the use of therapies which will yield good results in the shortest posssible time with an additional focus on relapse prevention. In practice this may mean weekly sessions to start off with but with greater intervals between sessions as the intervention progresses. Generally, for many mental health problems and disorders, resoloution is achieved in between 8 and 10 sessions.

Neuropsychologcal Assessments

Young people up to, and including  the age of 21 years, requiring assessment for brain injury generally  require  3-4  hours  of assessment including a semi-structured interview  and standardized tests of cognitive and neuopychological functioning. Two separate appointments are usually preferable unless clients prefer a single assessment session. Usually, clients are assessed on their own to avoid distraction  and influence, however unintentional from others.